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The Authors

As new author of his first children s book entitled, The Hug Store, Rick widened this sphere of his services to include families, children and single parents everywhere. Rick is proud that The Hug Store is endorsed by several nationally recognized health care professionals and features a list of over a dozen reasons why hugs are not only healthy for our body, mind and well-being, but why they are essential for it. In addition to blogging, public speaking and facilitating hugging playshops in and around the Los Angeles area, Rick has appeared on a variety of talk, radio and TV shows to promote his vision of conscious parenting and ultimately promoting world peace, one hug at a time. . Besides food, wine, hugs and music, Rick s other passions include fitness and overall wellbeing. Rick enjoys charity work as well as giving back to his community. Some of the charities that are particularly important to him are Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Meals on Wheels and Macular Degeneration. Lastly, Rick s ultimate joy and inspiration in life is spending time with his co-author of The Hug Store and most huggable one, daughter Shana.

The Book

The Hug Store is inspired by a true story of 5 year old Shana who, when asked for a hug from her Grandfather, told her Grandfather that she was all out of hugs and had to go to the store to get more! This is a beautiful tale of self-discovery that illustrates how life’s greatest gifts are closer than we think. Through Shana’s adventures, children will learn more about self-awareness, self-reliance, and develop a greater understanding of affection and love. The Hug Store also features a list of over a dozen reasons why hugs are not only healthy for our body, mind and well-being, but why they are actually essential!

News & Reviews

  • “Every child and every adult needs and loves hugs. Hugs are not only for affection but for our health and well-being. Rick Morrisons children s book on hugs goes a long way to show us with beautiful words and illustrations that we need to find a way to hug each other every day.

    Dr. Tiffany M. Field, PhD
    Touch Research Institute University of Miami School of Medicine
  • “In a world that often neglects the power of touch, The Hug Store provides a powerful lesson for young children. Not only will children enjoy reading this book with their parents, but just as importantly, it has the potential to lead to important conversations about touch in children s lives.

    Dr. Matthew Hertenstein, PhD
    Prof of Psychology & Chair of the Psychology Dept, DePauw University

Our Foundation

THE HUG ALLIANCE (THA) is a group of like-minded individuals who truly believe we can change the world by hugging heart-to-heart. By spreading the message of embracing all types of people regardless of social status, race, religion or any other “label” designed to divide us, we create a connection of intention we call a “hug stream” that spreads around the world. Through Hug Mobs and social media collaboration, we bring attention to the causes, missions and products that the Hug Alliance members are a part of. 

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