About Us

Our Purpose

Hug Alliance members are a team of creative thinkers who have joined with like minds and hearts in order to transform the field of human connection within families and communities. We serve as a highly respected connection point and distribution platform for pioneering leaders of today, each of whom is uniquely inspiring compassionate personal and collective reform.

By harnessing the power in numbers and collective intent, our resource organization will act as a unified force for large-scale change that will positively impact youth, families, organizations and people worldwide. It’s ultimately a commitment toward unity, inclusivity and the pursuit of world peace.

Our Mission

The Hug Alliance is comprised of purpose-driven, like-minded people and organizations who know and honor the importance of human connection, compassion-based peaceful living via the simple yet profound act of hugging.  The Hug Alliance shines light on today’s heart-centered lifestyles, businesses, educational models and conscious parenting.

Our Founders

The Hug Alliance founders, Rick Morrison and his young daughter, Shana, are also co-authors of The Hug Store children’s book, a touching story about family values, self-awareness and personal empowerment. They intend to make a big & positive difference in the world. Through the lens of The Hug Store Book & Curriculum, Shana & Rick, along with other Hug Alliance members will be showcasing new, enlightened perspectives on 21st century family living, what drives our decision-making and how broader awareness and inner reflection can actually enhance daily experiences.  

Interested in Becoming a Member

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